Leap into spring with an annual festival that delivers a unique perspective on Banff National Park! Each April, as springtime breathes new life into the landscape, exciting programming during springstART will highlight Banff’s cultural, historic and artistic scene.

Since Banff National Park’s inception in 1885, its spectacular beauty has inspired artists of every kind. Many of the first explorers and mountaineers were painters, writers, photographers and musicians, each one interpreting the mountain landscape in a way that would make the destination even more famous than before.

Continuing with that tradition, springstART offers a rich collection of events that are as diverse as they are educational and inspiring. Heritage home tours and historic walking tours introduce you to characters from the past, while live theatre, Spoken Word and music performances from iconic Canadian artists demonstrate why Banff is a hub for world-class creativity. Mountain films, photography workshops and art exhibits bring the unique mountain culture to life, along with a variety of on-street animation.

During springstART you’ll discover a vibrant cultural scene matched only by the spectacular mountain landscape.

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